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Welcome to the Department of Political Science at King’s University College.  Right now our world is being reshaped in fascinating and critical ways.  Security considerations, geo-politics, divisions born of wealth and poverty, and global development challenges have all become unavoidable realities.  Our award-winning faculty offer courses that ask big questions so that students can investigate the issues of power and authority that go to the heart of how people are governed. (Read More...)

Meet Our Graduates

Political Science students at King’s do fantastic things during and after their education.  The department is devoted to providing a learning environment that will lead to success while you are here and once your time at King’s is done.  A degree in political science puts you on the road to careers in law, government and public service, education, broadcasting and journalism, public relations, intelligence, international organizations and NGO advocacy, and business.  You can explore more career options here:  http://degreetocareer.uwo.ca/

Read what our graduates have to say about how their time at King’s helped them get to where they are today. 

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