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Philosophy is the study of reality and our place within it. Through philosophical reflection you can begin to experience yourself and life in a more thoughtful and intensive fashion. To this end, philosophy studies such important questions as: What is the nature of the self? What can one genuinely know and not know? What can one hope for? What is to dwell in a political society? Does God exist? Do we have a unique purpose in this world?

Laying the Foundation for your Education

Philosphy 1900E - NEW COURSE
Students will develop the skills necessary to carry out high-level thinking, academic research, and complex problem-solving.

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I wanted the opportunity to reflect on topics I would not have thought about on my own, and to encounter questions I would not have otherwise been aware of. This course exposed me to a variety of thinkers and their work within the topics of identity, technology and economics. The lessons always had space for questions and discussions, and I really appreciated hearing the reflections of my classmates. The lectures offered a taste of some of the thought patterns, perspectives and structures today’s world is built on. The research project gave me the opportunity to dwell on the questions and think about them in a new way.


Madeleine Claire Schaafsma2nd year, English Language and Literature student, on Philosophy 1900E – Laying the Foundation for Your Education

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