Summer School Online Distance Learning Courses Available

NOTE: Not all courses are offered every year. Please check the current course offerings.

1020E Introduction to Women's Studies 

A survey of selected topics in the study of gender structures and the status of women in historical and cross-cultural perspective.  These will include consideration of social and psychological processes by which gender identity is established in the individual, its institutional manifestations and its articulation with class and race structures.
3 hours.

2200E Advanced Interdisciplinary Survey of Women's Studies 

The course is divided into sections on the image of women in literature, film and art; psycho-social development; the effects of social structure on women; and differences among women.  These topics are addressed from the perspective of literature, psychology, theology, sociology, etc.
Antirequisite(s): The former Humanities 105E.
Prerequisite(s): Women's Studies 1020 or completion of first year University.
3 lecture hours.

2257E Feminist Theory and Practice in the Social Sciences

An examination of the implications of gender analysis for theory and practice in the social sciences.  Includes discussion of both empirical and theoretical treatment of questions about "sex-gender" systems in social-economic, cultural, political, and legal contexts.  Also addresses methodological and epistemological questions raised by feminist research.
Antirequisite(s): The former Women's Studies 255E.
Prerequisite(s):  Women's Studies 1020E or permission of the instructor.
3 hours.   Limited enrolment.