1. Composition of the Board (13 Members)
    1. Coordinator
      To be selected by the Board from among College Council representatives

    2. Ex-Officio Members
      • The Principal

      • The Academic Dean

      • Dr. Gloria Alvernaz Mucahy, Founding Board Member (Honorary)​

    3. Representatives
      • College Council (four representatives)

      • Students’ Council (three representatives)

      • Community (three representatives)

  2. Selection of Board Members
    College Council and Students’ Council will select their representatives using interdisciplinary criteria and art and social interests as a guideline

    The Board will select community representatives from nominations made by the Board, members of College Council, and other members of the King’s community

  3. Selection of Coordinator
    The Coordinator will be selected from among College Council representatives

  4. Terms of Office
    Three year renewable (rotating terms one, two, and three years); terms end June 30, and commence July 1 of the relevant year

  5. Relationship to King’s University College Structures
    The Board will report annually to College Council