The Catholic Studies Program provides for an in-depth examination of the theology that has developed within the Catholic Tradition. The Catholic Tradition embodies fundamental convictions about what is real, what is knowable, what is possible and how realities are related to one another. These convictions constitute a constantly developing and evolving understanding of life and how it should be lived. Religious Studies courses in Catholic Studies are designed to be taken by a range of students interested in understanding the ideas, values, images and rituals that have (and continue) to shape our world. The Catholic Studies modules are designed to provide the foundation necessary for those who will teach Religious Education in Catholic Schools, or who will pursue further degrees in Theology or Religious Studies. The demand for qualified Religion teachers grows along with the Catholic School System, particularly at the Secondary School Level. 

Students in the Catholic Studies program will explore the formation of the Biblical texts, the history of their interpretation, and their meaning for us today. The formative thinkers who have had a significant impact on the development of the Catholic understanding of Jesus and the Trinity, sin and salvation, and the Church and the Sacraments will also become familiar to students.

Although it is rooted in history, the Catholic Tradition has developed and continues to do so. Students in Catholic Studies will enter into the on-going dialogue within the Church on how best to address the challenges of the Church in the modern world. A Catholic today lives in a world characterized by both an emerging recognition of the importance spirituality in community and at the same time a growing awareness of the challenges to any sort of religious belief. The Catholic Studies program at King’s University College will provide the resources necessary to acquire a critical understanding of the Catholic Tradition.