Information session for SJPS 3377G - Who is the Other? Ethical Responses to the Contemporary Crisis of Migration in Europe.

Info Session:  Tuesday, November 1, KC119, 7 pm.

With the destruction of the refugee camp, ‘The Jungle” in Calais, France this past week, and more than 1000+ refugees arriving on the shores of Italy every week, the crisis of forced migrations is one of the most critical justice issues of our time.  This course combines a number of seminar courses in the winter term with an experiential travel component to be taught at the Nobel-Prize nominated centre for peace studies, Rondine, outside of Arezzo, Italy.

Tentative dates for travel:  May 5-28

This course is taught by Dr. Calcagno, (Phil) & Dr. Larkin, (SJPS)

At this session we will be able to answer questions on costs, scholarships/bursaries, course content, travel arrangements and local excursions.  You are invited to join us to learn more about this new SJPS offering!  Space is very limited and will only be secured with registration + deposit.