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King’s offers our students a wide range of part-time on-campus opportunities to earn money as well as gain valuable work experience. But the King’s Work Study and International Work Experience offer more than just a summer job.

The Work Study program gives OSAP students the chance to work at King’s while gaining valuable work experience that will contribute to their skill set for their eventual entrance into the work force.

The program offers flexible hours to accommodate the student’s schedule and is a great way to offset university expenses.

The International Work Experience program is for students who remain in Canada during the summer months. It allows them to work part-time on campus in jobs that accommodate their studies. While providing a source of earnings, the program also allows students to gain training and experience in a Canadian work environment, which will assist them in their future studies and careers.

Working on campus provides students with the opportunity to develop transferrable skills for students’ long-term career plans. It also helps them to build self-confidence and their professional network.

“Work Study and on-campus employment provide students with opportunities to not only enhance their skills but further our efforts in providing meaningful work-integrated learning opportunities at King’s,” says Joe Henry, Dean of Students.

Stella Hanna will be going into fourth year in the Catholic Studies for Teachers program. She is currently the King’s Campus Connection Coordinator.

As part of her role, Hanna is in charge of the King’s Campus Connection program event, taking place in August, which welcomes new first-year or first-time students to King’s. The program connects students to each other as well as to campus, while educating them on the programs, services and supports available at King’s.

“By planning this event, I have had to reach out numerous individuals within the King’s campus, allowing me to meet and connect with new people. With the help and support of my supervisor, I was able to meet other work study students as well as individuals that work at King’s, and form life-long, meaningful connections,” Hanna says.