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By Natalia Otten, Communications Intern, Communications and Media Relations

Wyatt Merkley, a fourth year King’s University College English student, attended the Undergraduate Awards Global Summit on behalf of King’s in 2016. He received a Highly Commended honour from his submission, "Literary Amplification: Jon Krakauer's Use of Intertextual References and Their Role in the McCandless Phenomenon”. Entrants whose papers are placed in the top 10% globally in each category receive a Highly Commended certificate that recognizes their submission to the Undergraduate Awards.

Merkley is now the Western and affiliates representative for the Undergraduate Awards. His mission is to encourage and mentor more submissions.

Merkley believes that all students should submit their work to the competition in order to get a greater sense of the academic field and have exposure to other incredible academic work from all over the world. For many, this summit allows students to see their academic future and to investigate post-graduate opportunities. The Undergraduate Awards present an opportunity to further and develop like-minded, young academics skills in a variety of disciplines. As the UA representative, Merkley can assist students by reading papers or helping with the submission process.

The Undergraduate Awards are the world’s largest academic awards program. Not only are the Undergraduate Awards prestigious and consists of many disciplines, they are also a leading program in discovering creative students through recognizing distinguished projects and coursework. The mission of the competition is to inspire future generations of undergraduates by supporting and celebrating their ideas.

The Undergraduate Awards global summit is held each year in Dublin, Ireland. It is a unique four-day event held in November and is exclusive to Winners and Highly Commended Entrants. Top students are given the opportunity to take part in discussions, workshops and events that are geared towards personal development, leadership and knowledge to develop ideas and research.

Over the past few years, four King’s students and recent graduates have been named Highly Commended Entrants for five essays. They have all travelled to Dublin and participated in the summit.

Students are also given the opportunity to present their work to an audience of their fellow academic students. This gives each attendee not only the chance to showcase their work, but create long lasting professional and personal relationships.

To learn more about how to submit a paper or project, please visit http://www.undergraduateawards.com/submission-2/ by June 13th, 2017.