September 23, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

King’s students and faculty can now attend the prestigious Toulouse Business School as part of a new Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutions.

King’s professor, Dr. Sergio Janczak, co-ordinator of the Management and Organizational Studies (MOS) program has returned from France with a new opportunity for King’s students and faculty. The Dean of the Toulouse Business School has signed an agreement with King’s allowing exchanges between the two universities. Toulouse has five campus’ including the headquarters in Toulouse, France as well as in Barcelona, Paris and London, England. It also operates a Summer School in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

“This is the highest quality partner for our students,” says Dr. Janczak. “This is a very lucky opportunity for our students to go on an exchange for one semester, or a whole year, to one of the most prestigious business universities in the world.”

Toulouse is triple accredited, making it one of only 75 triple accredited business schools in the world. It is accredited by Equis, AACSB and the Association of MBA’s.  There are only two triple accredited business schools in Canada, in Montreal and Ottawa.

The new agreement also allows Toulouse faculty and students to come to King’s for a Canadian experience.

In 2017, Dr. Janczak will take a group of 14 MOS students to Europe as part of the upper year experiential learning course, International Commercial Mission, 3390B. The students will visit Toulouse Business School as well as European companies in France and Spain over reading week. Applications are due by October 11th through the Academic Deans Office by contacting Ms. Lydia Li.