November 28, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Written by Elle Ann Richardson, Communications Work Study Student

Congratulations to Michaeline Falla, fourth-year Thanatology student and King’s University College’s Academic Mentoring Program (KAMP) coordinator, who recently won the John D. Morgan Memorial Student Conference Scholarship award from the Bereavement Ontario Network.

The scholarship was named in the memory of Dr. Morgan who died in the spring of 2005. Falla was presented her award on the weekend of October 17-19, 2019 at Geneva Park. She has received full registration including accommodation for the conference and a one-year membership to the Bereavement Ontario Network. 

Falla was first introduced to the award by her professors in the field of Thanatology. During her studies in Thanatology, she has learnt about grief, bereavement and loss. “However, to apply the curriculum to issues in our world and be recognized by the Bereavement Ontario Network community makes me feel successful,” says Falla.  She feels not only honoured but also “accomplished and proud not only for my own sense of self but also for representing the King’s University College community.”  

 “[I am] happy to see Michaeline honoured for her hard work and scholarship in this way. Congratulations to her on this achievement,” says Joanna Bedggood, Manager of Student Wellness at King’s, who has supervised Falla’s work as coordinator for the KAMP program. 

The process for applying for the award included a letter of recommendation, and a cover letter, and a written paper she submitted as part of her current course work in the field of grief and bereavement.

“Once I graduate with my Honours B.A. in Thanatology and Disability Studies with a Certificate in Loss, Grief and Bereavement Studies, I plan to study Social Work where I want to earn a Master of Social Work degree.  I want to eventually work with individuals, families, groups and communities as a grief counsellor,” says Falla. 

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