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For the second year in a row, there will be opportunities for King’s students to take part in the Summer Cross-Cultural College program with Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) located in the Kansai region of Japan.

KGU will be offering two opportunities this August. One will be a career seminar; the other will be an internship.

The Global Career Seminar is a 10-day, three-credit course which includes 10 online lectures and 10 days of collaborative research. Taking place from August 1-10, 2019 the Global Career Seminar includes lectures, company briefings, a group research project and presentation.

The Global Internship in Japan is a two-week, three-credit course (equivalent to 0.5 credits at King’s/Western) that includes two online lectures, pre-internship sessions at KGU, 10 days of internship and final presentation. During the Global Internship, taking place August 16 – 31, 2019 students will participate in preparatory study at KGU, which includes a workshop, lecture and business analysis. The internship itself takes place over the course of ten business days. The interns work in pairs and make a presentation at the program’s conclusion.

Students are nominated by King’s International. Linda Weber, Manager, King’s International says students should contact King’s International to discuss the program with students in detail and allow them to submit their documents.

2018 was the first year King’s participated in the program. Three King’s students (Violette Khammad ’18, Yuxin Wu and Julia Kulczyski) attended.

The internship “absolutely blew away any expectations I had in previous experiential learning courses,” Kulczyski, a fourth-year Management and Organizational Studies student, says. “I will continue to advocate for this program. I would strongly advise any and all students unsure of their future career to apply for this program.”

“This experience really opened my eyes on what international students may go through in a new setting, but also more broadly, how important it is for business people to adapt their approaches and communication styles internationally according to the society they visit,” Khammad says. Khammad graduated from King’s with an Honours Double Major in Political Science and Sociology last June. 

“The Japan internship is full of fun and challenges. You will learn a lot from Japanese business culture and also integrate into the life of Japanese college students. It is a wonderful experience which will broaden your horizons and increase your awareness of the world, and improving your social skills while your work with people from different culture,” Wu, now a second-year Honors Specialization in Economics student at Western University, says.

To learn more about the 2019 Cross-Cultural College Program, please visit https://www.kings.uwo.ca/current-students/student-affairs/kings-international/outgoing-exchange/summer-programs/kwansei-gakuin-university/

To read the web story about the 2018 Cross-Cultural Program, please visit https://www.kings.uwo.ca/about-kings/media-and-communications/newsroom/putting-studies-into-practice/