May 19, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

By Vinny Varghese, Communications Intern

To help better prepare student staff, King’s International, along with Student Support Services and Enrolment Services, conducted a three hour Summer Intercultural Skill Training workshop in Vitali Lounge. The summer student staff were trained on welcoming visiting students from various countries including the US, Sweden, England, Brazil, China, India and South Korea. “We did training on the importance of privacy and confidentiality and also about cultural concepts and intercultural sensitivity and effectiveness,” said Linda Weber, manager of King’s International.

The group played an intercultural simulation game called Barnga, where participants experienced what it would be like to be new in a different country, with a different culture and knowing no one when they arrived. Student staff also participated in an icebreaking session, cultural concepts and theories, moments of reflection, country profiles and FAQ sessions.

The student staff are now well prepared to greet new students to King’s. We wish the whole team the best!