February 24, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

By Kelsey Stanczyk, Communications Intern. Communications and Media Relations.

Students’ Councils from all nine high schools within the London Catholic District School Board came together at King’s on February 21st for the Student Senate Catholic Leadership Conference.  Over the course of the morning meeting, the 140 students engaged in networking and team building exercises. This was the second event of the year that brought together all of the LCDSB students’ councils giving them the chance to collaborate and share their experiences with their fellow students.

A focal point of the conference was a drum circle that took place in the Kenny Theatre. The international organization, Drum Café, provided each of the students with African drums and led them in a group drumming session. Drum Café, originally founded in Johannesburg, has hosted similar team building activities with organizations including Google, Microsoft, CIBC and Bayer. The students learned when they listened to each other and worked together, they sounded better, which metaphorically represented their work on their own councils and with other schools in their district.

Engaging the collective student voice was a goal of the event. The students worked together to determine their collective goals for the rest of their second semester. Students with similar roles on their respective councils worked together to share ideas and learn from each other’s past efforts.

The students returned to their respective schools after the event, but not before taking advantage of the beautiful weather and exploring campus with their teachers.