November 24, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Katherine Papadopoulos is 18,000 kilometers away from home and is having the time of her life. This 3rd year Brazilian student, from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, is working towards the completion of her undergraduate degree while studying abroad this semester with us at King’s.

“I chose King’s because I really wanted to get to know Canada. I think it is a very nice country, especially when it comes to cultural differences. Here I have friends from India, China, and all over Europe. As an International Relations student in Brazil, I thought it was a great opportunity to come to King’s in order to get to know people from all over the world, all while studying in a smaller Catholic University”, says Papadopoulos.

She is taking courses this semester in Management and Organizational Studies (MOS) and Political Science. Because she does not have a specific program when studying at King’s, the options for courses to enroll in is unlimited.  Papadopoulos explains, “the international exchange students can choose to take whatever courses that interest them when studying at King’s, and the best part about it is that these courses count towards completing my degree when I return home.” 

Papadopoulos expresses gratitude when commenting on her time at King’s. She reflects on the both small and large community atmosphere, the openness to accepting international students, the noteworthy infrastructure, and most outstanding for her – the opportunity to work with tutors at The Write Place. “King’s really pays attention to its students. I could talk for hours about what I love most about King’s. But I must say, The Write Place is something absolutely genius. I wish these opportunities existed in my home institution because, at home you definitely pay the price to have assistance with your grammar and writing structure,” says Papadopoulos.

When asked about the advice she has for international students considering King’s, Papadopoulos responded, “I think whoever is considering King’s should definitely come. You will feel welcomed here. King’s is especially welcoming because of the hard work that is noticed within the International Office. Linda, Regina, and the rest of the team really help us students out a lot. The International Office team has worked so hard on events such as Bridging Week in order to bring all the exchange students together. The work goes in to create a special bond between the students. And, the best part about it all is that you don’t have to feel alone.”

Her remarkable experiences don’t stop at studying at Kings, either. Although Papadopoulos has been on many short excursions while still studying at King’s, she says there is a still lot to see. Travelling around London, Toronto, and Grand Bend is not the end of her sightseeing plans, “I am trying to travel around Canada before I return home after this semester. I am currently planning upcoming trips to Montreal and to Algonquin Park. I also can’t wait to see snow before I leave too!”

King’s wishes you all the best with the remaining time here at King’s! We hope you return to visit and study someday in the near future.