June 11, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Written by Farnaz Kouchaki, Communications Intern


While the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic may have placed a pause on the practice, members of the King’s faculty are frequently called upon to share their expertise at conferences. One of those was Ms. Lisa Macklem, Lecturer at the School of Management, Economics, and Mathematics (MEM), who was invited by Y.J. Trivedi-AMA Academy for Intellectual Property Rights to address the 13th Annual Intellectual Property Summit in India, in January 2020.


On the first day of the summit, Macklem spoke about the recent development in Trademark and Intellectual Property legislation in Canada in 2019. Her presentation was entitled “Culture Wars: Can rebel users defeat studio empires,” based on her article: Recent development in Trademark and copyright law in Canada”.


Reflecting on the summit, Macklem believes that there are synergies between Canada and India’s efforts in foregrounding their traditional cultures and many learning opportunities particularly since both countries are among commonwealth countries with a similar basis for their legal statutes.


Intellectuals from all around the world including Russia, Philippians, Singapore, and the United States gathered in this unique summit on Intellectual Property Rights in Ahmedabad, India, to have interesting and intriguing discussions on various topics from counterfeiting online to leveraging of IP for successful businesses. 


Macklem found the summit particularly helpful in expanding her professional network and meet other professionals in the fields of patents, digital copyright, and entertainment. She says she would eagerly attend similar opportunities which are “vital open channels of communication between countries.” She says the connections she made in India and globally as part of the summit will be “very valuable relationships.”