October 3, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

A new entrance scholarship has been announced in celebration of the 20th anniversary of London’s relationship with London’s sister-city Nanjing, China. King’s University College and Brescia University College will award a $5000 entrance scholarship to a first year, incoming, Nanjing student.

King’s Principal, Dr. David Sylvester and Brescia’s Principal, Dr. Susan Mumm announced this scholarship to a Municipal and Government and Education Delegation from Nanjing on Friday, September 29. The scholarship is valued at $5000 and can be used to pursue an academic degree program at either King’s or Brescia. Currently, 13 students from Nanjing are attending King’s and Brescia for their university degrees.

“In an effort to build bridges between our two cities, Brescia and King’s are establishing this entrance scholarship. I believe the secret to academic success is a supportive and challenging community. Both Brescia and King’s provide this for students. We provide academic excellence and access to scholars, researchers and mentors who put students at the heart of all they do,” says Dr. Sylvester.   

Together with the City of London, the Nanjing delegation visited Brescia and King’s University Colleges as well as City Hall as part of a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the London-Nanjing sister-city relationship.

The Nanjing delegation included a municipal government and education delegation as well as a culture delegation, “The Little Red Flower Dance Troupe” which performed during London Arts Council Culture Days. 

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