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King's students from the 2013 - 2014 Foundations in the Humanities program presented their independent research projects on Saturday, April 5th in the Vitali Student Lounge. Family and friends were invited to the half-day conference where they learned about famous playwrights, philosophers and influential works. Presentations were broken up into two panels.

Congratulations to Samuel Boer for winning the Best Essay Prize with his research project, "Virginia Woold, Martin Heidegger, and Inter-War Interiority: the Self in a Time of External Upheaval."

Foundations in the Humanities is an interdisciplinary approach to first year studies that allows students to explore the traditions of Western Civilization: History, Literature, and Philosophy. It is a small program limited to 25 students. Students spend their entry-year reading, writing, thinking, and talking about what it means to be human. Studying the Humanities includes observing the humanistic tradition over the centuries, from Classical Antiquity right on through the Twentieth Century. Students have the opportunity to analyze writings of well-known thinkers like Plato, St. Augustine, Shakespeare, and Kafka, and occasionally delve into the fields of art, architecture, and music. More informally, students will have occasion to visit art galleries, theatres, the opera and symphony, and other cultural institutions beyond the classroom.

For more information about Foundations in the Humanities please visit www.kings.uwo.ca/academics/foundations/