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Story by Moe Kablawi, Intern, Communications & Media Relations
Photo by Aakash Dubey, Intern, Communications & Media Relations 

Foundations in Western Thought and Civilization is a program offered to first year students that allows them to explore the traditions of Western Civilization through History, Literature and Philosophy. It allows students to study a range of disciplines at the same time.

Every year the 25 selected students get the opportunity to conduct their own research and present their findings in an integrated research paper. The research allows students to build on their writing skills, research skills and presentation skills. The unique program exposes first year students to levels of academia achieved in the senior years of undergraduate studies. The research paper goes far beyond writing a thesis and proving it; students must integrate all three disciplinary approaches (literary work, philosophy and history).

Some of the topics to be studied in this integrated research paper include friendship and love, faith and reason, concepts of good and evil, and historical consciousness.