June 27, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Some students enrolled in Inculturation and Spirituality (RS 2351G) head to Pine Channel, Saskatchewan. The group will spend one week with the Denesuline Fond-du-Lac First Nation. 

The trip gives the students and faculty an opportunity to engage in cultural exchange. The purpose of the trip is to give back to the First Nations communities, and to work with the youth of the population. “While we are up there, the community shares their faith and light with us and gives us insights on what it means to be a First Nations community member in an isolated area of our country,” says Rev. Béchard. 

Students are accompanied by Rev. Béchard, Annette Donovan-Panchaud from Campus Ministry and Dr. Ben Muller, professor of Political Science at King's. 

The King’s community wishes the travelers a safe and memorable trip!