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Welcome to King’s, first-year and first-time students!

The first step towards finding out why King’s is a place to be, a place to become and a place to belong is Orientation Week (OWeek), taking place from September 4-10, 2022.

“OWeek provides new students with a warm welcome and the enthusiastic support of the Soph team to help them feel at home in the King’s community. From practical things like finding their way around campus and learning more about the programs in each faculty to a wide range of social activities and cultural events at King’s and Western, OWeek provides the foundation for success at King’s,” says Doreen Vautour, Associate Dean of Students.

At King’s OWeek, there is something for everyone. It’s an opportunity for new students and, in some cases, their parents and supporters, to learn more about King’s, our faculty, the city of London, and each other in a fun yet educational way. Events during OWeek will focus on community building, diversity, charity, campus resources, academics and are a great way to meet new people and make friends. The opportunities provided to new incoming students during OWeek are designed to educate them on services and supports available and to provide fun activities to ease their transition to university.

"University is a time to find who you are and become the best version of yourself, and that starts with OWeek. Come out and meet new friends while trying new things, all at King's. We are so excited to welcome the class of 2026 to our campus, and we hope you love our little community as much as we do," says Sam MacLean, Head Soph.

"OWeek is the perfect place to meet new people and get familiar with King’s. From students living in residence to international students and off-campus students, there is an event for everyone," says Sara Hasan, Programming Assistant. Events include a free BBQ for both students and supporters, parent info sessions, CultureFest, campus tours of King’s and Western, a petting zoo, concerts, a football game at Western, the annual OWeek charity car wash and panels on Pride at King’s, BIPOC at King’s and wellness.

During Academic Day on September 6, Dr. Rob Ventresca, Academic Dean, will speak to students and there will be faculty breakout sessions, an academic wellness panel, and other events to show how King’s supports students with their studies.  "We want to foster a sense of community through both social and academic programming," says Alexis Frith, Programming Assistant. 

"OWeek is an amazing first week for students to become not only more involved in the King's community, but the broader London community as well. On Saturday, September 10, we are organizing OServes, which is our Charity Day during OWeek. Through this event, students can learn more about the needs of our community and find positive ways to make an impact," says Victoria Carpenter, Programming Assistant.

First-year and first-time King’s students participating in OWeek can keep find a complete listing of events on our website. Keep up-to-date with OWeek festivities on King’s social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and King’s Soph Team’s Instagram.