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Students from any program offered at King’s will be able to add the Certificate in the Study of Law and Public Policy to their degree. This certificate features courses across disciplines that draw together concepts underlying the study of law and government decision-making. Students will be introduced to core legal concepts such as the rule of law, civil liberties and rights as they are practiced in Canada and internationally.

“The new Certificate in Law and Public Policy will give students a strong foundation in the many fascinating concepts that tie law and government decision-making together. Students who complete this certificate will be well-equipped to pursue a future in the many avenues of law and government. Even those who don’t aspire to a career in this area will be greatly enriched by understanding how law and government actions guide our day-to-day lives and the interactions in the world around us,.” says Dr. Andrea Lawlor, Associate Professor of Political Science.

The program will draw on the existing strengths in the field of law and policy in the Department of Political Science, complemented by the many course offerings from around the College that look at legal concepts and policy analysis.

The goals of the certificate include:

(1) The promotion of an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary way for students to think about the study of law and policy

(2) Introducing students to a greater variety of disciplines at King’s

(3) In line with King’s’ academic mission, to promote an understanding of the historical, cultural, political and economic aspects of law and governance that are core to the liberal arts.

Areas that are covered include (but are not limited to): Canadian domestic and international law, social policy (health, education, labour), fiscal policy (economic and labour market policies) and rights-based policy (human security, migration). As a certificate, all degree courses may be credited toward other undergraduate programs.

To apply to the Certificate in the Study of Law and Public Policy program, please email Jessica Sommers. For more information on prerequisites and program requirements, please visit https://www.kings.uwo.ca/academics/political-science/certificate-programs/