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Fifth-year student, Braden Adsett has the special opportunity to be mentored by a partner at a local law firm.

This new mentorship has two aspects to it. The first is experiential learning and job shadowing. Secondly, students will work on publishing an article in a legal journal on the importance of history in the study of the law.

This initiative aims to provide qualified students enrolled in an Honors Specialization or Major in History with opportunities for experiential learning and mentorship in a professional field. The duration of the mentorship will be equivalent to 26 contact hours (commensurate with 0.5 course). The student’s time and work will be monitored by both a faculty mentor and a lawyer mentor. The two mentors will consult periodically to monitor the student’s progress. 

“Lerners is very pleased to partner with the Department of History at King’s University College in this innovative program. As an employer of a number of King’s graduates, we know the very strong training history provides for a career in law. We are thrilled to have the ability to reaffirm our commitment to the mentoring of students through this program,” says Yola Ventresca, Partner at Lerners LLP and Adsett's mentor.

Braden Adsett is in his final year at King's. He is completing an Honors Specialization in History and Minor in Political Science. Adsett has long been interested in studying law after his undergraduate degree.

Adsett feels this mentorship has been extremely beneficial. “I think the history-law mentorship shows the versatility of a liberal arts education and the importance of soft skills learned in the classroom such as critical reading, clear writing, and interpersonal skills,” says Adsett. 

In addition to the mentorship opportunities offered directly by the Department of History, students are encouraged to identify other mentorship opportunities (paid or unpaid) of relevance to their career plans. 

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