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The new King’s Campus Connection Program welcomes first-year or first-time students to King’s during sessions in August 2021. The program connects students to King’s campus, peers, student leaders, staff and faculty. It also helps inform students on the programs, services and supports available for newcomers at King’s.

During the first session, held on August 9, students said they liked the smaller classes at King's.

"I'm excited to get to know my professors," said Anastasia, one of the students in attendance. “King’s is a small community and it gives me a chance to get to know people,” said Mara, another student.

As part of the transition to becoming a King’s student, participants in the program are able to bring along a guest to accompany them. All sessions begin at 1 p.m. and will end no later than 5 p.m. Students can choose from one of the following remaining dates:

  • August 11
  • August 17
  • August 19
  • August 23

Research shows that first-year or first-time students who make an early connection with staff and resources are more likely to succeed in their studies. They will have a chance to learn about the different resources and opportunities that will help make their academic journey successful.

In sessions led by King’s staff and students, new students will explore topics such as designing their King’s experience, getting to know campus, services, and potential leadership and mentorship experiences, including our new King’s Promise Program. Campus Tours will be part of the program, depending on public health guidelines.

The Parent/Supporter sessions will include a transition talk, discussions about King’s/Western and COVID-19 protocols, getting know the community students will be learning in, and a variety of other helpful topics.

King’s staff will ensure that all safety precautions, including maintaining physical distancing, completing a public health questionnaire, requiring face coverings, and having available hand sanitizers are followed during these fun-filled events. Students will be grouped into cohorts of no more than 25 people. They will spend their entire time with that group. A separate session will be held for guests/families and friends.

More information and registration on this free program can be found on the King’s Campus Connection website.