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King’s Campus Ministry is pleased to welcome Dr. Brian Flanagan, who will deliver the annual Christ the King Lecture on Thursday, November 21, 2019, from 7 – 9 p.m. at the Joanne & Peter Kenny Theatre. All are welcome. Tickets are not required and a freewill donation will be available.

Dr. Flanagan is Associate Professor of Theology at Marymount University in Arlington,
VA. He is the author most recently of Stumbling in Holiness: Sin and Sanctity in the Church (Liturgical Press, 2018). In addition to his teaching, he pursues research in ecclesiology, ecumenism, liturgy, and inter-religious dialogue, and is also the author of Communion, Diversity, and Salvation: The Contribution of Jean-Marie Tillard to Systematic Ecclesiology (T&T Clark, 2011).

He will speak on “Believing in a Holy and Sinful Church.” In the face of growing awareness of clerical sexual abuse and other systematic forms of malfeasance in the Catholic Church, many Catholics have swung from uncritical belief in the holiness of the Church to disappointed awareness of its deep sinfulness. Dr. Flanagan argues both sin and sanctity condition the nature of the Church until its fulfilment in the Reign of God. In our time and contexts, we need a more robust language of ecclesial sin in order to address the Church's failings, and yet at the same time, a sound ecclesiology will take account of a church that is sinful and holy.

Dr. Flanagan’s lecture is part of the Veritas Series. 

“We’re so pleased to be able to welcome speakers like Dr. Flanagan who help us to think more broadly than everyday conversation allows.  In this way, King’s is able to invest in those who provide leadership and vision for our community,” says Jim Donovan Panchaud, Deacon/Pastoral Counsellor of King’s Campus Ministry and Coordinator of the Veritas Lecture Series.

The next lecture in the series is Archbishop Linda Nicholls, who will speak on “That They May Be One” on January 23, 2020.  How is Jesus' prayer in John 17, "that they may be one..." being lived today? The current climate of polarization drives wedges within and between Christian communities. Are there signs of hope? From experience of parish and diocesan leadership and ecumenical dialogue. Archbishop Nicholls will explore the signs of hope for unity. 

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