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Photo provided by Jen Carter
Story by Kaleigh Rodgers
What do King’s students expect from their student council?

Jen Carter hopes to answer this question during her tenure as KUCSC President next year.

The third-year Criminology student decided to run for President as a result of the current disconnect she sees between the student body and the student council. She hopes to better harness student opinion in order to represent needs that she feels are not currently being met.

As she prepares to enter the role, Carter draws upon a well-rounded extracurricular experience during her undergraduate career. During her first year she acted a promo team member, and then as the promo team commissioner in her second year. This year, she was the representative for the department of Sociology. She feels that the diversity of these roles has given her a great deal of insight into the necessary changes for student council going forward.

“My biggest goal for next year is to make sure that we as a council are always looking to bring students’ opinions to the decision making process,” says Carter. “The KUCSC has so much power to make decisions in the lives of our students and in order to make these decisions we need to make sure that we are truly representative of the students at King's.”

During her time at King’s, Carter has grown fond of the intimate community atmosphere and feels that the College has truly become a home away from home. She looks forward to contributing to the King’s community in a positive way in order to provide for others the same opportunities she has been afforded.

“If I can improve the student experience and make a lasting impression on even a small number of our students, then I will have been happy with the results,” says Carter. “As the student’s council, our goal should ultimately be to improve the lives of as many students as possible and hopefully I can inspire younger students to maybe want to be in my shoes someday.”

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