April 6, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Chloée Godin-Jacques was chosen from a pool of over 72 applicants to present a workshop at the Notre Dame Student Peace Conference. This annual event is organized by students for students. It will take place April 13-14 in South Bend, Indiana.

Godin-Jacques will present a workshop analyzing the exclusion of individuals living with a disability in activist roles, and examining their indispensability in the advancement of today’s society.

There will be 51 students from 20 colleges and universities who will present papers, media projects and workshops that highlight their own research, practice and projects in the interdisciplinary field of peace studies.

The event will draw leading scholars, academics and graduate students to present research that sits at the intersection of psychology and peace studies.

The Notre Dame Student Peace Conference aims to provide space for graduate and undergraduate students from all colleges and universities to engage in dialogue on important issues related to peacebuilding, global issues, and social justice.

Godin-Jacques is an enthusiastic young activist. She has participated in an experiential learning trips to the Dominican Republic. Next month she will study at the Rondine Cittadella della Pace in Tuscany, Italy with Dr. Larkin and Dr. Muller. She is also a first rower on the Western Mustang's rowing team. 

Read the Notre Dame press release.