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Dr. Derek Silva, Assistant Professor of Sociology, and Dr. Tommy Cooke, part-time professor of sociology, have started a podcast. “What’s That Noise” aims to highlight some of the ’noise’ related to a whole host of social interactions.

"In a world of grey areas, margins, and fuzziness, these two King’s cohosts pursue matters of confusion and clarity - however and whatever that means. Tune in for slightly academic and marginally intelligent discussions on a variety of topics with academics, researchers, community leaders, musicians, and noisemakers of all kinds!" reads the iTunes description. 

The first episode discusses Cambridge Analytica and the Facebook data security issue. It questions the future of surveillance studies in Canada and elsewhere. This episode was released March 27, 2018.

In episode two, Dr. Silva and Dr. Cooke talk about the National Collegiate Athletic Association and question whether or not American collegiate athletes should be paid.

The latest episode, released April 4, 2018, is entitled Ethnomusicology, Drake, and the 6ix. Here, Dr. Silva and Dr. Cooke sit down with voice talent and musician, Jordan Zalis. Zalis is currently completing a PhD in ethnomusicology from the Memorial University of Newfoundland. They discuss his research in ethnomusicology, Drake, the Toronto Raptors, and the influence of sound on Northern culture. This podcast episode provides some clarity to key questions of cultural appropriation, power, political economy, and the often underestimated role of sound in sport.

Dr. Silva’s research interests include Critical criminology, terrorism and radicalization, policing, corruption, and sport. At King’s he teaches Statistics for Sociology, Sociology of Terrorism, and Sociology of Sport & Physical Fitness.

Dr. Cooke teaches the sociology of terrorism at King`s. He is also a proud King`s alumnus. He completed his BA in Political Science in 2010. This summer, he will complete a research fellowship at the Centre for Advanced Internet Studies in Bochum, Germany followed by a SSHRC post-doctoral at the Surveillance Studies Centre at Queen's in the fall.

What’s That Noise? is available for download in the iTunes store.