May 7, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

A message from Dr. David Malloy, King's Principal:

It’s been almost a year since I joined you at King's and I am continually impressed by the commitment I see by the King's community. 

This was further demonstrated last week by the dozens of people who volunteered to participate in the Principal’s Advisory Group regarding COVID-19. Thank you. I don’t take your commitment for granted and you will make a difference. 

The Advisory Group is comprised of a broad cross-section of the King's community and includes a wide representation of students, faculty, staff, professional officers and part-time faculty. Some of the members are relatively new to King's and some have been around for decades. 
We will be holding our first meeting next week and I look forward to leveraging the wisdom from this group and to sharing our updates with the community. The Advisory Group members are: Carrie Arnold, Mary Kay Arundel, Graham Broad, Phyllis Fidler, Ben Kitching, Cliff Levy, Kathy Mitchell, Vidya Natarajan, Wendy O'Toole, Jim Donovan Panchaud, Marcie Penner, Courtney Santaguida, and Derek Silva. 
This group will share updates on a regular basis with the King’s community on the Principal’s page of the website. You can expect to hear more after our first meeting next week.
Thank you to those who supported the Student Emergency Fund. Approximately $95,000 has been distributed to close to 400 students. We are hoping to raise an additional $25,000, an amount that could help a further 100 students. If you can, please add your support to the fund.
I want to highlight the work of our faculty and staff in continuing to support our students with 76 online summer courses and supporting over 30 students in residence.
Our physical campus is and will be a safe place. The safety of the King's community is non-negotiable.
Finally, as it is Mental Health week I want to thank all our counsellors who are working remotely and meeting with students. If you or someone you know needs help please use the King’s call back line or the Employee Assistance Program. You can also access resources from the King's wellness page.
As always, take care of yourself, each other and we will take care of this place.