March 20, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

We are sorry to see so many of our students, international and domestic, say “Goodbye” to King’s campus even if just temporarily.

As we begin the transition to King’s being a largely virtual campus, members of King’s leadership have strived to keep the community informed. Recently, Sybille Toutain, an exchange student from France, wrote to Dr. David Malloy, King’s Principal, and Joe Henry, Dean of Students. We would like to share her encouraging words with other students.

“We met earlier today, I am an exchange student from France since September, going home today because of the sad situation going on. 

I really wanted to thank you for how King's handled things these past days. The daily update per email was really useful and reassuring. 

As you very well said, being far from home during a period like this is mentally and emotionally hard, and your nice messages and videos on Instagram really helped me, and my parents as well.

King's took an interest in our social and emotional health. 

I realize how hard it has to be to deal with everything while finding the best solutions for everyone.

Thank you for putting King's students' interests first. 

I had a wonderful time here, met more than amazing people, and had the opportunity to challenge myself in many different ways where I always tried my best. 

I wish you the best for the end of this difficult year.

Kind regards,

Sybille Toutain”

At King’s, our residence and food services remains open on campus to serve the needs of our students who are unable to leave at this time. As well, King’s International is working to assist the return to Canada of our students who are worldwide on exchange.

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