There is a new school on King’s campus this fall: the newly formed “School of Management, Economics, and Mathematics” or School of MEM, for short.  It was formerly known as the Department of EBM.

The move was a rebranding, allowing King’s to maintain the three departments (Business, Economics and Finance, and Mathematics and Statistics) while highlighting the professional orientation of some of the programs.

"The unique combination of management, economics and mathematic disciplines within one School, supported by enthusiastic students and faculty members, offers amazing opportunities for growth,” Dr. Grigori Erenburg, Director, School of MEM and Associate Professor, says.

The School of MEM will provide students with a leading undergraduate experience through two programs: Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies. Both programs include multiple streams.

The School of MEM will increase its focus on students’ careers and professional development while streamlining many related activities.

“A lot has been done in the past year, even more is to be done in the year to follow,” Dr. Erenburg says. The School of MEM is launching a series of workshops on technical proficiency and communication skills as well as presenting guest speakers, the first being a graduate school and career resume session, led by Monica Barabas, ’17 BMOS, on October 3rd.

Currently, the School of MEM has three full-time Mathematics professors, eight Management and Organizational Studies professors and six Economics professors. Dr. Erenburg estimates 400 students are enrolled in Management programs with another 300 in Economics and Finance programs.

The School of MEM also has several clubs associated with their programs, including:

  • BMOS Association
  • King’s Accounting Club
  • King’s EconoMath Society
  • King's Capital Management Club

Those interested in learning more about the School of MEM before the official launch, which will take place during a fall 2018 Homecoming reception, may visit the website.