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Congratulations to the King’s University College Chamber Choir for winning the award for “Best Classical Vocal Group/Choir” as part of the 2021 Forest City London Music Awards.

“I was both surprised and elated when I saw that we had won the award. It was a shining light in the midst of a very challenging year. To know that our virtual choir projects were being recognized and enjoyed by an online audience fills me with great joy,” says Janet Loo, Conductor/Artistic Director, King's University College Chamber Choir and Director of Christ the King University Parish Choirs.

Other nominees included:

  • Canadian Celtic Choir
  • Fanshawe Chorus London
  • First-St. Andrew’s United Church Choir
  • Kammerchor
  • The Karen Schuessler Singers

This is the second time the King’s Chamber Choir has won the Forest City London Music Award for "Best Classical Vocal Group/Choir.” The Choir’s previous win came in 2016.

The win came after a year where the members of the choir had to overcome physical distancing and use social media and technology in order to stay connected.

Loo says the members of the choir are grateful to their video and audio editor for bringing them together. Unable to meet in person, the choir employed ZOOM and worked independently on recordings. “Quite the opposite experience to what a true choral experience is,” says Loo.

“We cannot wait to get back together again to rehearse and perform together. I predict I will be an emotional mess once I hear all the voices singing together in one room again. To me and to the members of the choir, music is so vital to our well-being; to be kept away from this very human experience for so long has been difficult. I am hopeful that we will have a regular concert season beginning this fall and that we will do so in the safest ways possible,” says Loo.

This past Christmas, the King’s Chamber Choir released two videos to the King’s community:

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