April 23, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

by Spenser Henstock, King's Communications Intern

In a time of physical distancing, the King’s University College Chamber Choir community remains socially connected with each other and the larger London and King’s community through social media and technology.

Janet Loo, Artistic Director and Conductor of King's University College Chamber Choir Music and Director of Christ the King University Parish Choirs, significantly contributes to the King’s sense of community. Loo has demonstrated her leadership by maintaining regular social media activity and posting videos of past choir performances such as the King’s University College Chamber Choir’s rendition of the song "Hallelujah" from "Handel's Messiah: A Soulful Celebration."

“The choirs have served as bearers of positivity and community spirit. Clips of past performances give a hopeful message in this challenging time,” says Loo.

Despite an entire year of preparation, the King’s University College Chamber Choir were forced to postpone their 10th anniversary concert. This concert was scheduled for March 28, after provincial regulations prohibited public gatherings due to COVID-19.   Loo remains optimistic. “Whenever the right time comes, we will look forward to performing the show and celebrating this important milestone [With Heart and Voice: A 10th Anniversary Celebration Concert],” says Loo.

The Parish Choir members continue to provide their own new sense of community. They regularly meet remotely to check-in, pray, and reflect on scriptures for their online Sunday services. “I think it is critically important for a faith community to find a way to stay spiritually close during this time of physical isolation,” says Loo.

Although the choir’s members practice singing individually online, Loo explains there are challenges of practicing music remotely as a group. “Video conferencing apps have a lot of sound delay which makes for some very cacophonous (echoing) choir rehearsals,” says Loo.

Loo also reminds the King’s community how music helps communities during difficult circumstances. “I think more than ever we are looking to the arts to keep our spirits lifted through such difficult times and we [the King’s choir community] want to be part of that effort of reaching out,” says Loo.

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