February 23, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

By Moe Kablawi, Intern, Communications & Media Relations

Elliott Elia is months away from graduating from King’s University College with a Business Management and Organizational Studies degree in June 2016. Elia has used his time at King’s to help him prepare for the real world by securing a full-time position with the firm Crowe Soberman as a Staff Accountant in Toronto. By attending networking events, Elia feels he made real connections with employers. He attributes the connections made, in part, to his King’s business card.

In preparation for a recruiting session, Elia reached out to Western University for business cards. After a back-and-forth, Western rejected his application for business cards as he is a King’s student. He then phoned King’s and inquired about business cards. Although King’s did not have cards available for students initially, the Communications Department produced the cards for him with the presence of a letter of recommendation from a professor.

Elia stresses that the business cards allowed him to make connections with the Big Four firms and opened several doors for future employment.

“It’s more likely to be remembered by business professionals,” says Elia about the significance of owning a business card with the King’s logo. “You’re setting yourself apart, but employers can’t remember everyone [...] Seeing the logo definitely helps.”

Elia feels King’s has played an important role in securing his future employment position. He compares speaking to an employer to speaking with a professor. The small class sizes at King’s gives students a more “relaxed feel” when speaking to their professor which gives students the confidence and comfort when speaking with someone in a higher position.

Thanks to Elia’s push for business cards, student business cards are now available to King’s students. Click here to purchase an order of your very own King’s business cards. A letter of recommendation from a professor is required with purchase for third year students.

The cards will include a description of your expected year of graduation, degree, uwo email and a phone number. The cards are double sided with the King’s logo.

Thank you Elliott for bringing this career service to King’s for other students.