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On April 11, 2024, King’s University College and King’s University College Students’ Council (KUCSC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Laura Crowe, KUCSC President, and Taranjeet Singh, KUCSC General Manager, represented KUCSC. Dr. David Malloy, King’s President; Jeff Major, Vice-President, Finance and Support Services; and Joe Henry, Dean of Students, represented King’s.

“The signing of the MOU solidifies the impact of student government at King’s and legitimizes the relationship between King’s and KUCSC,” says Crowe.

“King’s has collaborated with the KUCSC on providing the best experience to students. This MOU signals our intention at King’s to enhance and cement our partnership in support of students and student leadership,” says Henry.

This is the first MOU between King’s and KUCSC, which defines the relationship and responsibilities that King’s and KUSCC have with each other, formalizing work that, until now, was done through a series of agreements or by past practice. As KUCSC is separately incorporated from King’s, the MOU is a best practice to have in place. The MOU also signals a commitment to supporting students through an agreed-upon framework.

The work to formalize and finalize the MOU took over a year. This MOU will be in effect until August 31, 2025, although efforts will be made to extend the agreements’ length going forward.