June 12, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Congratulations to Dr. Trevor Hunter and Professor Jeremy Greenway who will receive the King’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2017. The professors will be receiving awards during convocation on June 13, 2017 at Alumni Hall, Western.

Dr. Hunter will be receiving the award for full-time faculty. He is a professor of Business, Management & Organizational Studies and he has been a member of King’s faculty for 15 years. Professor Greenway will be awarded for part-time faculty. He is a professor in the department of Modern Languages and he has been at King’s since 2013.

Dr. Hunter is being honored for being a “mentor inside and outside of the classroom, a life coach and supporter who answers questions from students in detail and uses practical examples to explain difficult concepts." Dr. Camiletti continues, "[students] are challenged to think independently and critically, work in teams and participate in open dialogue”.

Professor Greenway will be receiving the award for “his creativity in the preparation of material, his care in his assessment of the student audience,” Dr. Camiletti says. His energy in the classroom and ability to help truly enhance his students' writing can be seen in their work. 

Both professors are examples of true excellence in teaching and dedication to students. King’s wishes warm congratulations to Dr. Hunter and Professor Greenway.