August 27, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Over the next few weeks, the King's campus will come alive with thousands of students, many of whom are new to King’s. Rather than add another booklet, Tweet or Facebook post, the Student Services Department at King’s is going old-school and engaging students with a simple, "hi-touch" initiative to help answer questions on campus.

The ASK (access success at King’s) program works in partnership with traditional online and print resources, and is meant to connect students directly with those in the know on campus. Faculty, staff and other students will proudly wear a large ASK button adorned with their name with the goals of standing out in a crowd and identifying themselves as “here to help”. Students and visitors who are looking for assistance don’t have to visit a website, type in a code or read a flyer; all they have to do is ask. This simple initiative is also designed to encourage community members to meet each other, whether they are staff, faculty, administration or student.

“Sometimes it is difficult for a newcomer to know where to go for information,” notes Mary Carol Watters, dean of students at King’s. “The button identifies the wearer as available and willing to have a friendly chat about whatever is on the mind of new students. We hope to show students by our actions that we are approachable and that a successful university experience requires engaging in an active partnership of learning with professors, resource people and peers.”

“We are, at our core, a community,” says Principal David Sylvester. “Community is about knowing your neighbour and the ability to connect with others. The ASK initiative encourages people to interact and to get to know others throughout the King’s campus."

So, the next time you see someone wearing their ASK button, be sure to stop and introduce yourself and get to know your neighbours on the King's campus.

Pictured above: Andrew Jardine - proud member of the ASK team.