June 15, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Since the age of six, Brooke Harrison has had a drive to give back, and was recently recognized for her efforts. Named to Canada's Top 20 Under 20 list, Harrison is set to join the King’s SJPS program this fall.  

Founded by Youth in Motion, the Top 20 Under 20  was created to celebrate and honour Canadians who have demonstrated a significant level of innovation, leadership and achievement but have not yet reached the age of 20. All of these traits describe Harrison who, at the age of six, developed and sold Cookin in Brooke’s Kitchen 1 & 2 in support of childhood leukemia research. “My 5-year-old cousin Juliana was diagnosed with leukemia and I just wanted to help,” she explains. And help she did, raising $60,000 for the cause.

Harrison’s philanthropic drive continued, and at the age of 13 she began selling recycled jewellery to raise funds for the Philip Aziz Centre, a home hospice care centre for those with HIV, AIDS and cancer. As the founder of the Philip Aziz Centre's Youth Advisory Council, Harrison also organized three Christmas toy drives and golf tournaments which have raised over $150,000. Monies raised were used to send children to summer camp, tutoring, soccer – allowing them to enjoy their youth.  

This past summer, Harrison also worked to help northern fly-in communities, collecting over 1000 backpacks loaded with books, toys and educational items. 

The Aurora High School student has had her sights set on King’s for four years. “When my older brother was choosing, I was choosing,” Harrison says laughing. “I was trying to find a program that reflected my interests and the tight-knit community at King’s really appealed to me.”

“I’m looking forward to the program and to looking at the root causes of issues,” she continues. “Meeting new people and experiencing different perspectives from peers is also exciting.”

Harrison, who never fails to plan ahead, is considering a possible career in human rights law or running a charitable organization. 

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