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Dr. Sam Frankel, Associate Professor of Childhood and Youth Studies, and Dr. Oleksa Drachewych, Lecturer in the Department of History, will be honoured as the recipients of the 2022 King's Awards of Excellence in Teaching. Dr. Frankel will be recognized for full-time faculty and Dr. Drachewych will be recognized for part-time faculty. 

“Drs. Frankel and Drachewych exemplify the standards of excellence in teaching for which King’s is widely known and admired.  Students are inspired by Dr. Frankel’s passionate, engaged, and empathetic approach to teaching and learning.  He creates a classroom environment that is intellectually rigorous and challenging, yet also supportive and inclusive.  Similarly, students appreciate Dr. Drachewych’s dedication, intellect, and preparedness.  Above, all, they appreciate the respect and empathy that Dr. Drachewych brings to his teaching.  Their commitment to teaching excellence and student-centred learning -- especially in disturbed times -- truly is inspirational,” says Dr. Robert Ventresca, interim Academic Dean.

Drs. Frankel and Drachewych were selected by a committee of students, faculty and staff who reviewed dozens of nominations from the King’s community. This year, 31 full-time faculty and 18 part-time faculty were nominated.

“It is a real privilege to be recognized as I know how hard everyone works to support the students at King's. The other aspect of this award that is particularly special is knowing that you are nominated by a student. I get so much out of being part of the learning journey that our students are on. It is really encouraging to know they are getting something out if it too and that it is having a positive impact,” says Dr. Frankel.

Among those who nominated Dr. Frankel, one student said that Dr. Frankel was “an outstanding teacher who is always supportive of his students, dedicated to broadening students’ understanding and creating fun classroom learning activities and projects. He truly takes what he teaches us and applies it within his own life as he always values our voices and respects our opinions.”

Dr. Frankel has worked at King’s in various capacities since 2014. This past academic year, he taught classes ranging from an interdisciplinary research methods class to a fourth-year seminar as well as courses on child advocacy, including the King’s International Perspectives on Child Advocacy class and Facilitating Child Advocacy, which involves students developing a TED Talks- style.

“I am thrilled to have been named the part-time faculty recipient of the King's Award of Excellence in Teaching. I have been inspired by great teachers from those who taught me in my undergraduate and graduate degrees, by my father who taught elementary school for 40 years and by my wonderful colleagues at King's. I try to do my best to apply those lessons to create a vibrant and engaging learning environment. Thank you to the students in my classes who arrive engaged and seeking to learn more about history. They make it easy for me to want to give them my best every day,” says Dr.Drachewych.

One nominator said that Dr. Drachewych “always puts his students first” and that “everyone who has had him as their professor has had only great things to say about him.” Another stated that “Professor Drachewych has demonstrated to me a passion for teaching that I have rarely seen.”

Dr. Drachewych has taught at King’s since 2019. During the Winter 2019 term, he taught History 2301E (The United States, Colonial Era to the Present) and History 2179 (The Two World Wars).

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