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Globalization and Citizenship in the Dominican Republic is an experiential learning course for students in SJPS and Sociology that engages students in critical study of the roots of global inequality and maps the political, economic and cultural linkages between Canada and the DR. What are the roots of poverty? How do notions of citizenship, the right to have rights, global migration and neoliberal trade relations impact communities in the DR? And how do we think about justice across borders and against history? Students in this course will trace how food, clothes, gold and leisure, produced in the DR, bring Canadians into close proximity with the people who produce, support and serve these products.

This course - credited as either SJPS 3210G or Soci 3398G - includes an eight-day immersion in the Dominican Republic where students will learn about the struggles communities engage with and the strategies employed to organize for justice. For more information, please contact Professor Allyson Larkin (alarkin2@uwo.ca) or Professor Kristin Lozanski (klozansk@uwo.ca). Enrolment is limited.

Student Testimonials

"It would be an understatement to say that going on an experiential learning trip has changed my life. You can learn all that you possibly can in classrooms and lectures, but nothing compares to actually seeing the problems. I had the amazing opportunity to see and hear of the struggles and triumphs of community members in the Dominican Republic. It was heartbreaking, inspiring, and frustrating all at the same time, and it was an experience that will impact me for the rest of my life." - Amanda Haney

"Travelling to the Dominican Republic in solidarity changed my world. I learned more in nine days about poverty, food and water security, compassion, greed and kindness than I will ever learn in my lifetime. This trip provided me with firsthand experience on the impact of mining companies in Canada and the sustainability of small communities. With my experience I can bring knowledge back to my community and create change in a local level." - Colleen Dolliver

 "I have travelled to the Dominican Republic with the intention to learn.
The knowledge I gain will give me power. 
The power I gain is nothing without responsibility.
Therefore, It is my responsibility to give back to the place that has given me so much.
In this very moment, no single solution is clear.
Though, my lack of clarity only strengthens my resolve.
I will find the answers and I will find help to create the solutions." - Liam Wilkins

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