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All members of the King’s community are invited to join together and explore the neighbourhoods around us as part of King’s Roots: Paths to Wellness. Starting September 11, at noon, and every Wednesday at noon thereafter, all students, faculty and staff are invited to meet at the flag poles in front of Wemple. From there, they will embark on one of four routes, (two 20-minute routes and two 40-minute routes) which are accessible to all for guided movement (via walking, rolling or other forms of mobility a person may access).

King’s Roots has been developed with support from King’s Mental Health and Wellness Committee and KUCSC.

“Movement is a strong positive influence on mood,” says Melissa Page Nichols in Accessibility, Counselling & Student Development at King’s.  “King’s roots is in line with our adoption of the values and principles outlined in the Okanagan Charter, signed by King’s two years ago. The Charter calls upon post-secondary institutions to embed health into all aspects of campus culture and to lead health promotion action and collaboration locally and globally,” adds Page Nichols.

The four routes were chosen based on distance and proximity to campus. King’s Roots will also introduce many students to the greater community beyond King’s campus.

“There are areas around King’s that are lovely nature spots to explore. Many are routes that staff were already taking on their lunch breaks,” says Page Nichols.

King’s Roots will take place year-round, as long as the weather is not prohibitive. “However, the routes may look different in winter due to time and accessibility,” says Page Nichols.

Representatives from each part of the King’s community (students, faculty and staff) will serve as guides to lead each route.

“We want to foster a sense of community among those who might not have contact otherwise outside of a classroom,” says Page Nichols. She suggests this should be a different way for students to engage with their professors and vice-versa.

For more information on King’s Roots: Paths to Wellness and other wellness groups at King’s, please visit