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On November 21, 2017, Jingqi Wu, one of the founders of The Futurist and his team presented a workshop on how to find an internship in China.

How to find a summer internship is a hot topic especially for international students.

Wu is in his second year at King’s, completing a double minor in Economics and China Studies. He worked as an intern for a few top ranked IT and PR companies in China in the past two summers. He also co-authored and published a book “To Be a Successful Microboss, Just Do Like me” in 2015. During the workshop, Wu analyzed the current job market and its trend in China with detailed statistical data, such as the rate of pay for newly graduates, the job classification for public organizations and private-owned entrepreneurship, and most importantly, how to make the decision between staying in Canada after graduating from King’s or returning to China.

Using his own job hunting experiences, Wu delivered a very important message to the students: since there is a gap between what students learn from the university and the expectation of the hiring company, it is critical to realize that many companies focus on whether the applicant has related job experiences and how fast they can contribute to the organization. Work and volunteer experiences are the building block for today’s fast changing society, Wu says.

During the workshop, Wu stressed the importance of utilizing resources around campus to enrich personal development, such as, Career Services, personal counseling, and Economics and Math tutoring center at King’s. He also encouraged students to not only actively participate in different activities hosted by clubs on campus, but also get involved and contribute to King’s community,

Wu is one of the founders of The Futurist, a non-profit organization that aims to connect students to organizations through a network of cross-industry projects. Students within the organization will be assigned to projects according to their strength such that students are able to collaborate with professionals from various background and levels. Its goal is to prepare motivated individuals with the right skillset, insights and experience before entering into the workforce, and ultimately improve the workforce of Canada.

In the past The Futurist successfully organized the Enlight Forum, a forum for young entrepreneurs in Canada. The Futurist also formed The Delegation of Canadian Technology and Innovation and Innovation Ventures to China, in which they visited to China in Summer 2017 to attend 2017 World E-Commerce Conference and 2017 Chinese International Electronic Commerce Expo.

The workshop was well attended and received. Participants actively engaged in the question and answer session. They also expressed the interest and desire in attending more career related events.

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