September 29, 2023 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Dr. Don Kerr, Professor of Sociology, spoke to the CBC for an article titled "P.E.I. breaks several records en route to 'phenomenally rapid population growth.'"

The growth stemmed from record levels of interprovincial migration and non-permanent residents and came despite a record loss of population from births and deaths.

Statistics Canada released its July 1, 2023, population figures for Canada as a whole and the provinces and territories that make it up, the first release to incorporate the results of 2021 census. It showed a 3.9 per cent growth rate for P.E.I. since July 2022, bringing the population to 173,787.

Dr. Kerr says P.E.I. finds itself in "an unusual situation: a population that's growing exclusively now almost as a by-product of migration and immigration with really, really low birth rates."

Dr. Kerr was also quoted in an Opinion piece by the Globe and Mail: As Canada's fertility rate declines, the debate over how to respond will get ugly. (Subscription needed)