November 2, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Congratulations to Dr. Jeremy Colangelo, Lecturer of Writing and former Creative Writing Consultant at The Write Place, on the publication of his collection of short stories, Beneath the Statue, published by Now or Never. It is available on AmazonIndigo, or the Now or Never website.

Beneath the Statue is a collection of 19 stories, ranging from what Dr. Colangelo describes as “little flash fictions of roughly a page to 10,000-word novelettes.” The stories were written over the course of a decade, including some written while he was a teenager.

Dr. Colangelo submitted the manuscript to Now or Never, a Vancouver-based publishing house, in the summer of 2019. He says that the acceptance time and editing process went very quickly.

While there is no one underlying theme to the stories, each involves the protagonist's relationship to some overwhelming source of power. “Sometimes this is a specific person but usually a system, a society, a force of nature,” says. Dr. Colangelo.

Dr. Colangelo says working at King’s has helped him in his writing career. “Teaching writing is great for reminding you of all those useful things you knew years ago and then forgot, and my work at The Write Place has made me a more careful and systematic editor,” he says.

Dr. Colangelo was interviewed about his collection of short stories being published at: