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Dr. Antonio Calcagno of King’s Department of Philosophy is this year’s recipient of the Hugh Mellon Excellence in Research Award. Dr. Calcagno is the author of four books and over 70 articles. He was named as a Member of The College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists in the Royal Society of Canada in 2015. His latest book, “Lived Experience from the Inside Out: Social and Political Philosophy in Edith Stein,” was the winner of the Edward Goodwin Ballard Book Prize in Phenomenology for best book in Phenomenology 2014.

The King’s University College Hugh Mellon Excellence in Research Award is named in honor of Dr. Hugh Mellon, late Associate Professor of Political Science at King’s University College.

This award is designed to recognize the scholarly work of a faculty member at King’s which reflects Dr. Mellon’s avid academic engagement, his pursuit of knowledge and its dissemination through publication, and his willingness to ever renew his research through innovative partnerships and consistent commitment to research excellence.

“I hope that my research will be of significance to Canadians to undercover resources within the philosophical tradition that can come to bear on questions about who we are,” said Dr. Calcagno.  His research looks at how the mind understands the relationship between ourselves and social and political structures.

Dr. Calcagno is a specialist in 20th century and contemporary European philosophy as well as social and political philosophy. Through his research, writing, and translation work, he has helped widen understanding of the history of 20th century philosophy.

 His extensive body of scholarship has brought to the foreground the contributions of figures marginalised by racism, sexism, and prejudice, including Edith Stein and Gerda Walther. His work shows how these figures were the first to develop a systematic phenomenological account of social mind. His work highlights the importance of psychology for philosophy though his studies of ego consciousness, we-consciousness, and intentionality.

Dr. Calcagno has been part of the King’s community for eleven years. He started teaching here in 2007. Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Centre for Advanced Research in European Philosophy, Dr. Calcagno helps to bring leading philosophers to King’s and to Canada to further philosophical inquiry and dialogue.

He works diligently to expose undergraduate and graduate students to some of the finest international philosophical minds on the planet. In 2017, Dr. Calcagno helped to establish an experiential learning program in Italy for King’s Social Justice and Peace Studies students.

Dr. Calcagno serves on numerous international editorial boards of scholarly journals and learned societies. He has also served on numerous provincial, national, and international research grants adjudication committees. The winner of various major SSHRC grants, he is also the co-founder of the North American Society for Early Phenomenology and the Society for Italian Philosophy.

Congratulations on this achievement, Dr. Calcagno.

Watch a one-minute video on Dr. Calcagno’s research.