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On November 6, 2017, five students enrolled in Disability Studies at King’s visited Arcane, a London public relations company located on Talbot Street, to examine its approach in ensuing success for an employee with a disability.

Arcane hired an employee through Hutton House London, an agency that promotes and support persons with disabilities through learning and life enhancing programs.

“We work very hard to build relationships with many incredible local organizations like Hutton House. One of the elements of this is that they welcome us to bring students to visit and see what is going in their spaces,” says course instructor, Dr. Pamela Cushing.

Community Partnerships Liaison, Mel Quevillon, orchestrates over 14 field trips for this course. Every student gets to go on one field site visit. The students will write a paper and create a video about the experience and how that fits (or not) with the course models and theories they have been learning.

Disability Studies is an emerging field and one of its principles is the idea that people should be listening to the voice and perspectives of disabled people themselves, rather than having experts or researchers make all the decisions in a vacuum. 

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