Since the 2021-2022 academic year, King’s has partnered with Devant, an online career support portal for students at post-secondary institutions in Canada, to offer specialized career support services for our students and provide the knowledge, tools, and connections to successfully engage with Canadian employers and get hired. King’s was the first university in Canada to offer Devant’s online portal for students to explore career development topics including resume writing, interviewing, job search skills, networking, understanding labour markets, and more. Initially, the partnership with Devant focused on our International students but King’s is proud to expand the partnership to include all students, with no cost to them.

Devant was founded by four professionals with 60+ years of experience working in higher education and career development. Since 2019, Devant has helped thousands of international students and alumni across the country to successfully showcase their skills and experiences in the Canadian job market. This is done via online career development events such as industry expert panels, professional webinars, live Q&As, AI-driven virtual hiring expos, 1:1 support, and more.

The decision to expand Devant’s services to all King’s students came after domestic students in Canada began expressing an interest in Devant’s tools and resources. Devant recognized the challenges that the Canadian job market can present for everyone and opened up their services to all Canadian students, which allowed King’s to do the same.

The partnership with Devant will also pay dividends to students enrolled in The King’s Promise, a program in which students who participate are promised that they will be able to find a meaningful job (i.e. aligned with their aspirations, goals, and holistic development) within six months of graduation or can return to King’s for a tuition-free year. Jenny Richmond-Bravo, Experiential Learning Coordinator / King’s Promise Developer, says King’s will be incorporating some of Devant’s offerings into The King’s Promise program.

“Partnering with Devant will help us double down on The King’s Promise,” says Richmond-Bravo.

However, even those students not enrolled in The King’s Promise can access the tools and resources offered by Devant for free, on their own time, and at their own pace.

“This way, all King’s students will have access to the support they need to help them navigate and be successful in Canada’s labour market,” says Richmond-Bravo.

Through King’s membership with Devant, King’s students will have access to these resources to help them on their career path:

  • “Get Hired” master class and official certification with 30+ video modules and downloadable templates
  • Online resume tools including resume scanner and writing guidebook
  • Live virtual hiring expos with 20+ employers
  • Live webinars hosted by career experts on topics including LinkedIn, industry research, and interview skills
  • Live immigration Q&As with a Canadian immigration lawyer 
  • Professional networking events 
  • A job board where students can search for active job postings

Devant will continue to offer specific support for International students, including information on work permits, Canadian workplace norms, etc.

King's students can start preparing for their career journeys and take advantage of all the benefits Devant can offer by registering today.