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Dr. Thomas Tieku, Associate Professor of Political Science and Coordinator of Social Justice and Peace Studies at King’s, participated in a nation-wide experts roundtable consultation on a new defence policy for Canada on May 20, 2016. He was invited by the Department of National Defence (DND) to be part of the roundtable consultations in Toronto.

In addition to his participation in the roundtable, Dr. Tieku submitted a short expert opinion piece advocating for a smart defence policy for Canada. The expert opinion article can be found on DND’s website at:

The in-camera roundtable was moderated by Ipsos and led by Harjit S. Sajjan, Canada’s Minister of National Defence. It forms part of a review of Canada’s defence policy to account for new security challenges, such as the new vulnerabilities associated with cyberspace and transnational warfare. The country-wide consultations of stakeholders will continue until July 31st, 2016, is the first major review of Canada’s defence policy in 20 years. These expert consultations are intended to spark informed engagement with all Canadians.

Click here to read the public consultation paper and to learn ways in which you can contribute to the review process.

By Natalie Garrison, King's student