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The Write Place will be holding a Creative Writing workshop on Tuesday, January 15 from 2:30 – 4:00 p.m. at KC 218.

Lisa Kovac will be leading the workshop, which will be on the topic of setting. To lead off the workshop, she will give some definitions of setting. There will be a subsequent discussion on creating setting and how it relates to other aspects of writing.

“Setting is an essential element of creative writing. Every piece is set somewhere: in space, in time, and in a social milieu,” Kovac explains. “A richly detailed setting makes poetry or prose come alive for the reader. Setting is also closely linked to other elements of literature, such as character and point of view.”

Those attending the workshop will then read and discuss excerpts from poetry and prose works that highlight setting. Kovac will provide writing prompts and allow attendees to write their own creative pieces.

“We have a vibrant and very supportive creative writing community here at King's. The workshops are a wonderful chance for us to come together and share our thoughts on writing and learn from each other's creative work,” Kovac says.

A senior tutor at the Write Place, Kovac holds B.A.s in French and English from Brescia University College and a diploma in Writing, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication and an M.A. in English from Western University.

Her most recent publications include a story in Imprints, the Write Place’s annual creative writing journal, and a villanelle in the journal, Connecting Writing Centres Across Borders. “Lisa’s villanelle is a marvel,” says Dr. Vidya Natarajan, King’s Writing Program Coordinator.

For more information on the Creative Writing Workshop, visit https://www.kings.uwo.ca/current-students/academic-resources/learning-hub/workshops/creative-writing-workshop/

Learn more about The Write Place at: https://www.kings.uwo.ca/current-students/academic-resources/the-write-place/