August 30, 2021 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

International Bridging Week is a great way for international students new to King’s, to become familiar with all things King’s. For the 2021 fall term, Bridging Week will be held in a blended format from August 31 – September 4.

Serving as an orientation for international students, Bridging Week is a combination of academic orientation, practical workshops and fun activities.

“The goal of Bridging Week is to help international students ‘bridge’ the gap from their home country to their new journey at King’s. We aim to help students settle in and navigate their new surroundings before the arrival of the remainder of our students come on campus so that they can feel well adjusted,” says Olivia Yusef, International Programs Coordinator.

Yusef explains that Bridging Week is an important for international students to attend because it gives them “a well-rounded look at what it means to be a King’s student.”

Students will learn about academics through workshops led by faculty and staff and about social belonging through activities led by Bridging Assistants, who also help students with practical matters like signing up for a bank card, a trip to the mall, and exploring the London area.

“Students have the opportunity to interact with their fellow peers and student leaders. It is a chance to make life-long friends! It is a program that I recommend to all new, international students as I believe that it truly does help set them up to have a successful year at King’s,” says Yusef.

King’s International decided to utilize a blended format to ensure all international students can be part of the experience wherever they are. The workshops will be livestreamed and then saved for future viewings so students in different time zones will have access to the materials. There will also be in-person programming, including a games and movie night and bowling at Palasad with Bridging Assistants. All in-person activities will be held under appropriate COVID-19-related safety precautions and will be subject to change.

To see everything Bridging Week has to offer, please check the schedule of events and to register please visit the website