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Written by Kellie McCarney, Communications Intern

Dr. Sam Frankel, Associate Professor of Childhood and Social Institutions, has collaborated with Emerald publishing group to create Emerald Studies in Child Centred Practice: Voice, Collaboration and Change, a book series highlighting the place, purpose and power of Childhood Studies theories.

The series aims to inform Childhood Studies practice and their value in shaping a child-centered approach across the settings in which children live and experience their everyday lives such as schools, families and the law. To make the case for the need for a shared dialogue as the foundation for re-imagining practice, and in addition to academic insight, the books included in the series will also represent the perspectives of both practitioners and children.

Dr. Frankel is passionate about understanding the part Childhood Studies plays in improving outcomes for children as they seek to navigate their everyday lives and has spent over 20 years researching children in schools and community settings.

“This series has been the result of many conversations over a number of years. It reflects input and inspiration from the students I have worked with as well as colleges and friends both from within the discipline of childhood studies and beyond,” says Dr. Frankel.

As part of an introductory book Dr. Frankel is inviting abstracts from those who would like to be part of a wider dialogue around child-centered practice. Abstracts are welcome from the King’s community as well as those beyond! For more information on submitting an abstract please contact sam.frankel@uwo.ca or follow the link here and see the tab ‘call for proposals’.

“The series really enables a long-standing ambition of mine to draw on the academic dialogue and look at how this can be used to make a difference in children’s lives. With the great support of Emerald, we look forward to seeing where this journey leads us,” says Dr. Frankel.

Dr. Frankel has worked in a number of roles at King’s, beginning in September 2014. His recent publications include Giving Children a Voice (2018), Negotiating Childhoods (2017) and recent co-edited collections, Bringing Children Back into the Family (2020) and Contextualizing Childhoods (2018).